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Creatures have feelings too. Here at CREATUREFEATURES we specialize in design and realization of characters and content with personality. Be it digital content, real world models, or even cake.
Without personality your creations might as well work for the government.

Old Project Reboot

So after looking over the work I did for the 2009 Don Quixote CGTALK myths and legends competition, I decided to update the zBrush sculpt for DonQ himself.

I’d like to have time to be able to develop this further, The Steampunk penny farthing was a whole lot of fun to model, and is 80% of the way there, so I think I may try to complete at least a couple of shots. maybe.

I spent an hour going over the mesh, re-doing the uv’s and with a fresh eye going over the facial sculpt. There are a couple of things that still need addressing, but I think from here the basic 5-6 morph targets to be able to set up a facial mocap rig should only take an evening or two.

The other motivation is that an alien head is easier to pull off, and I wanted to see how close a human head could get with tight time schedules.

Anyhow, here is the base head mesh. I don’t like the cheeks much, and the ears need attention. Lets see how far we can get in the allotted time !

*until I work out why wordpress is skewing the aspect ratio of my images, click on the image below to see what it should look like


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12 Years experience in the film and computer games industries. Python developer, 3d Modeler, Animator & sometime cook. Trevor began objecting to conveniently situated monsters and bad guys from a very young age, leading to a burning desire to add personality and interest into fictional creatures wherever he goes.

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