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Creatures have feelings too. Here at CREATUREFEATURES we specialize in design and realization of characters and content with personality. Be it digital content, real world models, or even cake.
Without personality your creations might as well work for the government.

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  • Ultramarines
    Ultramarines.Here is a quick rundown of my paint process for Ultramarines.This has been a good process allowing me to paint over 30 mini’s in a short-ish amunt of time undercoat black (airbrush) basecoat Mcragge blue (airbrush) ambient light pass Calgar
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  • Tyranid Paint Scheme
    This post is intended more as a reminder for myself on how I did the tyranids.This is a cheap, fast easy paint scheme that I think looks really good. undercoat white carroburg crimson wash over skin tyrant skull drybrush over
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  • Tau Reactor
    Over the past 40 years, I have been trying to find some sort of positive to being diabetic. Putting a positive spin on injecting yourself 4+ times a day and pricking your finger for blood to see if you need
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  • Mountains
    The hardest part of creating lifelike mountains is just starting.Seriously, grab some polystyrene, glue it in layers to desired height, then hack away with a hot wire cutter.Cast some rock outcroppings (woodland scenics) Next difficult part is making the plaster
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  • Flaming Howl Of Rat
    Howlin' Rat pedal. LM308 op-amp , diode switching (choose between germanium, silicone or IC clipping) and flaming howl of death mod.
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  • Creature Updates
    Major updates to this guy. I was having issues with the displacement around the eyes and the mouth. There were problem tiny polygons in these areas that were going crazy on certain morphs. The real problem was finding which morph
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