Our Mission

Creatures have feelings too. Here at CREATUREFEATURES we specialize in design and realization of characters and content with personality. Be it digital content, real world models, or even cake.
Without personality your creations might as well work for the government.

Trevor Rowland

18 Years experience in the film and computer games industries. Development manager, Python developer, Tools developer, 3d Modeler, Animator & sometime cook. Trevor began objecting to conveniently situated monsters and bad guys from a very young age, leading to a burning desire to add personality and interest into fictional creatures wherever he goes.


Mistakenly identified by facebook as Vladimir Tretchikoff’s blue woman in a freak tagging blunder, Trevor, now afraid to show his real face, hides behind the blue woman mask, turning up on facebook in a variety of obscure places.

Today, still wanted by the government, Trevor hides in the mists of mount Seymour, North Vancouver, surviving as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him (cell number on the contacts page), maybe you can hire the A-Team