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Creatures have feelings too. Here at CREATUREFEATURES we specialize in design and realization of characters and content with personality. Be it digital content, real world models, or even cake.
Without personality your creations might as well work for the government.

Tau Reactor

Over the past 40 years, I have been trying to find some sort of positive to being diabetic. Putting a positive spin on injecting yourself 4+ times a day and pricking your finger for blood to see if you need more injections can be hard to see the bright side.

Until now that is….. Tau terrain.
Pill bottles, disposable syringes – none of which I would have if I weren’t diabetic, now reused in a Tau reactor. It’s a perfect size, and I do think it could be painted differently to become an Admech reactor even Eldar at a push…

Tau reactor

I originally tried to create a jig to allow ease of creation of these things (see pic) but the heat of the drill bit warped the pill bottles and made them unusable. In the end a really sharp craft knife did the trick.

I made two more with differing sized bases. Three of four of these guys on a table certainly give things an alien feel.
I was thinking of adding LED’s to see how far I could push them, but opted instead to make the base concept model first and to expand on things later.

Let me know of your shield walls need a power reactor too, or if you’d like to see an Admech or Eldar variant

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12 Years experience in the film and computer games industries. Python developer, 3d Modeler, Animator & sometime cook. Trevor began objecting to conveniently situated monsters and bad guys from a very young age, leading to a burning desire to add personality and interest into fictional creatures wherever he goes.

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