Our Mission

Creatures have feelings too. Here at CREATUREFEATURES we specialize in design and realization of characters and content with personality. Be it digital content, real world models, or even cake.
Without personality your creations might as well work for the government.

Services Overview

Transvestite Albino Jackelope ? Insane Spaniard ? Middle Aged TRex ? Warrior Frog ? Argumentative Cows ?
Character makes content stand out. At CREATUREFEATURES we pride ourseleves in producing characters with character. Paper scribbles through to digital sculpts and 3d prints. Let us make your content personal. Exciting. Memorable.

donks Not sure what a cowboy platypus would look like? Like to see how scary a rabid were-sheep really is ? Have a mundane random NPC giving out vital parts of your plot ? Let us add a little character into your cutscene. A little life in your animation. A little magnitude in your mid-ground. The devil is in the details, and the details are where we shine. There is a skill in making zombies look lifeless. We design, build, animate and render. Personality is key in making art come alive, and we add personality by the bucketload. 3d models, surface shaders, animations, final video, rendered frames or even 3d prints.

Environments and sets have personality too. At CREATUREFEATURES we also have experience working closely with architects and set designers to add that extra emotional appeal to buildings and product prototypes.


Main Services

+Creature Concept
Hand drawn prototypes using ZBrush, PhotoShop, Painter or old fashioned pencils.

Maya, Lightwave, Modo, zBrush. 3D modeling for computer games and film. From very low polygon counts for the original playstation to current gen consoles to hero shots for movies to architectural fly-throughs. We’ve got it covered

Motion Capture, re-targetting, hand animation.

Primarily focusing on Lightwave’s render engine, surfacing and lookdev is one of the most overlooked and difficult skills.

Duke Nukem.

Using the Markerbot Replicator to build tangible models of your models.

Primarily using UNREAL engine

Get To Know More About My Services

Please feel free to contact CREATUREFEATURES for information on availability or to talk about your creature’s suppressed feelings.